Carabou Menswear


It’s all about layers…..a top, middle and bottom.

Being ready for all eventualities is a bonus in my mind.  Out for a walk with friends, stopping for a drink on the way home.  Going straight out again for an unplanned dinner.  All sounds great and with a few weather friendly layers, you can be dressed for all seasons and occasions in one.  Peel off and add back on for comfort, ease and keeping on trend.

Not forgetting it’s almost Christmas and I have seen so many long overdue festive get togethers around town.  People all wrapped up with finally somewhere to go.  I can go out with my Millie (above pic!) and quite often borrow my husbands Pendle coat as my extra layer as it’s always lying around somewhere!  My other favourite to ‘steal’ from him indoors is usually a cosy fleece lined gilet like our Harrow which is the ideal addition.  

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